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Built on Microsoft 365, opens up BIM to everyone in Teams and SharePoint
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Cloud CAD Explorer

Easily understand 3D models and 2D plans

Supports IFC, Autodesk Revit, DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, Sketch Up, 3DS and many other formats.

Collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere

Benefit over the entire life cycle of a building
Do you want a live demo?
Clear view of all plans and simply communicate with each other on an equal footing
Always up-to-date details at your fingertips. Fewer mistakes, less hassle and completion on schedule.
Even years later, quickly understand how the building works.

Models and plans always under control

Navigate intuitively

Even without great CAD knowledge, buildings can now be opened up in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, whether with a walkthrough, through sections, hide, isolate or using the ViewCube
Easy Navigation

What does the Building Explorer do?

Building Explorer is a service in the Microsoft Cloud that allows anyone to easily view, compare, measure, and comment on building models and plans, as well as read component properties.

How does the Building Explorer work?

Building Explorer is a SaaS solution in the Microsoft Cloud that integrates Autodesk Forge technology. It makes it easy to view BIM models and plans in Teams and SharePoint without leaving the Microsoft Comon Data Environment (CDE).

Who needs the Building Explorer?

All parties involved in real estate and construction projects, such as building owners, landlords, merchants, users, project controllers, experts or authorities, who usually do not have CAD expert software and need to understand the building.

What is the Building Explorer good for?

Building Explorer ensures that engineering data is available to all stakeholders and that everyone can participate and make decisions with a high level of expertise. Technical and commercial worlds can thus work together optimally in the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.

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10 User
10 Cloud Credits monthly
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50 User
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For medium-sized teams
50 User
50 Cloud Credits monthly
Start with Essential 50
100 User
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299 $

For larger teams
100 User
100 Cloud Credits monthly

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